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Welcome to a vision of the future—a future where workplace wellness is not just a program, but a cornerstone of program, project, and strategic success. These tools are designed to inspire change, challenge the way we do work, and provide tools and resources to support you in reimagining the role of wellness in your leadership. It’s a call to action, urging leaders, managers, sponsors, and organisations, regardless of size or sector, to elevate the well-being of your people, and their personal radical self-accountability, to the same level of priority as our financial and strategic outcomes.


Imagine stepping into the role of sponsoring a new program or project, where the unexpected challenges and stress are as daunting as a room suddenly filled with sabertoothed tigers. Each member of your team reacts differently—some freeze, others prepare to battle, while some might even thrive on the challenge.

This scenario, though fantastical, mirrors the daily internal battles, and biological and brain responses, faced by employees in today’s high-pressure, technology-driven workplaces. The relentless influx of information, looming deadlines, and personal stresses act like these metaphorical tigers, continuously testing our limits. Without proper strategies in place, such as mindfulness practices, structured breaks, movement and a supportive environment, the potential for decreased focus, lowered productivity, and diminished creativity becomes inevitable.

Now, imagine a different scene where each team member has proactively managed their wellness with clear boundaries and preparation. They enter the meeting grounded, focused, and ready to collaborate effectively. This not only enhances the success of the immediate project but sets a standard for future endeavours, proving that when we manage our internal tigers, we unlock our full potential.

Learning and utilising specific resilience, wellness, and communication skills helps us to cope with stress, change, conflict, grief, illness, the uncertainty of global environments and our transition into the technological age much more effectively. Combining this with discovering new ways to connect authentically with ourselves, our bodies, and others, enables us to bounce back faster after a setback. Ensuring we can create and innovate with greater speed of adaptation, while focusing effectively on personal and professional development, and improving our physical, mental, emotional and social health, including overall life satisfaction.

These ideas are no longer a dream, idea or nice to have. We now have decades of research in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, and economics providing irrefutable evidence of the positive impact of movement, meditation, emotional intelligence, and healthy lifestyle habits has on workplace engagement and performance, by igniting a deeper sense of support, peacefulness, and calm confidence. It has even been proven that kindness is the opposite to stress and brings in a calming effect on our body from oxytocin. Additional benefits to healthy habits include:

  • Increased trust, engagement, and motivation with ourselves and others
  • Improved brain productivity and performance
  • Better focus, concentration, and management of workload pressures
  • Sustained mind-body health and wellbeing
  • Fostering a more harmonious community feeling amongst our teams
  • Creating and sustaining a healthy, connected, and positive relationships


Below you will find links to concepts, ideas, and tools to weave wellness into the fabric of your company, program, project or team culture—where boardroom and meeting agendas invariably feature ‘Employee Wellness’ alongside financial forecasts and program and project updates.


As we move through changing times it is essential we allocate even more time daily for our wellness, movement, mood and mindset. Below you will find specific sections with FREE resources, tips, tools and downloads for you to KICKSTART your personalised Elevate Your Wellness toolkit. We’d recommend scheduling activities in morning, noon and night (even 5mins can have a huge shift in your mood, mindset and energy) to support your nervous system, keep you active and your brain activated with so much ONLINE distraction and stimulation. BE SURE to CHECK here regularly as LOTS more working support, tips, tools, challenges and playtivities will be added along the way.


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