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Attached in here is your sleep quiz, and healthy sleep tips and tools. I’d recommend taking 10-15mins this week to schedule¬†some time to through these and CHOOSE ONE sleep support to bring into your day. Here are tools to support your¬†choices.¬†

  • Set your¬†Sleep¬†Cycles ‚Äď we sleep in 90min sleep cycles, set your alarm to wake up at the end of a cycle e.g. if you lay down at 10pm ‚Äď plan to fall asleep around 20mins later ‚Äď set your alarm for 7am (9hrs) or 5.30am (7.5hrs). The iPhone Bedtime app is a great tool for this. Each stage cumulates to REM (rapid eye movement)¬†sleep, and then restarts, completing¬†one cycle. The first stage through REM takes about 90 minutes to complete, and adults typically need to complete at least four or¬†five¬†sleep¬†cycles¬†per night, or 6 to¬†9¬†total hours of¬†sleep

  • Sleep Well, Get hAPPy¬†– here are a few apps we love – Headspace, Insight Timer (Sarah Blondin is amazing), Calm (there are night time bedtime stories), Audible (this has wonderful books in it to support)

CLICK HERE for Your Sleep Quiz & more tools

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