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We are global experts in curating and delivering immersive wellness, innovation, and leadership experiences. Our bespoke events, coaching programs, EAP services and transformative cultural solutions are uniquely designed for your team’s enjoyment and engagement. Through practical, evidence-based approaches, we act as catalysts for sustainable mental health, wellness, and communication behaviour change, all while maintaining a sense of seriously creative and innovative playfulness.

Our mission is to empower individuals with coaching capabilities, simple science-backed strategies, and in-house initiatives that boost radical self accountability, time management, innovation, and energy levels. Our programs are crafted to elevate happiness, health, connectivity, productivity, resilience, and engagement among participants. This holistic improvement translates into better financial profitability, enhanced strategic performance, and increased satisfaction for clients, employees, and event participants alike. Join us in creating a thriving, dynamic environment that fosters both personal and professional growth.


“Kyla is one of the most enthusiastic and passionate facilitators I have seen. She provides you with sensible and practical tools for stress management and creating the best vision and plan for your life. She then showed our team ways in which they could relate these at work and within our personal lives. After the event I received very positive feedback from everyone over dinner so thank you. If everyone implements one change as a result, your words of wisdom will have added value…and by all accounts, those changes are happening.”
Celene, Head of HR, Aussie Home Loans 

“With the Optus conference. We wanted to energise the crowd and change their mindset for the afternoon sessions. Tommy, with his boundless energy and optimism, illuminated the room. Within moments we had 400 co-workers laughing, smiling and of course dancing. If you want to challenge the status quo and open minds. Tommy is a key ingredient.”
Ben Cooper, Managing Director. Tricky Jigsaw. 

“Kyla is a great content creator and facilitator. Our sessions provided useful tools for our team that are unique, relevant and simple to implement. What a way to kick start a focus on yourself, great, great, great sessions, clear and enthusiastic. Thank you. Head of HR, Walt Disney Australia


We exist to support the world to positively transform from the inside, out. We are fuelled by a desire to PLAYFULLY eradicate the global increase in suicide, bullying, loneliness, burnout, depression and anxiety.

  • Igniting Positive Change: Our experiences ignite hope, happiness, connection, self-belief, confidence, and deep compassion. We fuel trust and compassion among teams, leaders, and communities.
  • Inspiring Accountability and Adaptation: Our programs inspire personal accountable action and foster rapid, resilient adaptation to change.
  • Improving Wellness and Engagement: We reduce disconnection, turnover, and absenteeism while improving mental health, wellness, communication, engagement, and profitability at all levels.
  • Sustainable High Performance: We create experiences that support sustainable high performance, happiness, wellness, productivity, and play.

Join us in transforming workplaces into communities of care and collaboration, where wellness is not just a perk but a fundamental part of the corporate culture. Let’s create a future where every organisation prioritizes the well-being of its people as much as its financial success.


we pride ourselves on having partnered with the best of the best when it comes to offering the highest quality services and delivery of unique and bespoke events for you, our clients. we have been in partnership with HSG, Australia’s No. 1 Provider of Corporate Wellness, since 2011 and most recently joined playful forces with CircusOz, daybreaker, World Expeditions and Lifeline Australia for mental health first aid and required program supervision.


“Kyla provided our department with an inspirational workshop on health and wellbeing in the workplace. Their tips on meditation, combating stress and changing negative thought patterns were practical and easily applied to any situation or role. We especially enjoyed the meditation with chocolate!Neal, M, Director, Blackmores Institute

“Excellent from the start of the session, Kyla had the group and myself engaged, provided great awareness, facts and tips to take with us with teachings on powerful tools which often go unnoticed. Good exercises, energy and joyful so we understand where we’re at in terms of stress.” Amanda, Head of HR, NACCO

“Thanks for the excellent job… It was a great experience working with Kyla. We appreciate the smoothness and flexibility with which the sessions were conducted. 

Head of Sales, AMEX


If you answered fame and money, you’re not alone. According to Harvard Medical School Professor and Psychiatrist Dr Robert Waldinger, Director of the longest study on adult life and happiness, you’re mistaken. Unprecedented longitudinal data on true happiness and satisfaction now unequivocally proves that SOCIAL CONNECTION IS THE KEY.


“Absolutely marvellous guys. I have never received so much amazing feedback from all sides. Phenomenal!”

Lyndall Jenkins. Investec Bank

“Kyla provided a full day of sessions for our metro-west teams, comprising of caseworkers, groupworkers, early childhood facilitators, administration staff and management… Every single staff member who attended gave positive feedback… It was a great day and really hit the mark for us in self-care for ourselves and each other. We started with an idea and Kyla helped us grow the idea into reality. Their professionalism and expertise wasremarkable, the day went off without a hitch and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. We had great feedback and our staff walked away feeling valued which was exactly what we were aiming for. Without her team we would not have been able to make it happen. A definite 10/10.”

Bonny, Program Manager, Wesley Mission

“We believe in everyones ability to self lead their mental health and wellness,  from a unique creative spark of greatness and personal accountability. When teams and leaders are living from this place of greatness … well this is the “magical happiness and transformational cultural sweet spot.” Within this sweet spot each person believes in who they are, loving what they do, and take 100% accountability for who they are being and how they show up and communicate. Igniting a natural heightened energy and innate desire to create, innovate, celebrate, engage, and empower each other to step up, stand up and make a difference in the business, on set and in the world. Here anything and everything is possible.”

Kyla Tustin, The Greate Group