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GG Agency are Global Experts in the Curation of Interactive Speaking Experiences. We Design Bespoke Leadership and Cultural Wellness Conferences, Retreats, Workshops & Events to …


Business, Culture and Team Transformation

We exist to support the world, and your team, to positively transform from the inside, out. We are fuelled by a desire to eradicate the global increase in suicide, bullying, depression and anxiety.

Our experiences ignite self belief, confidence and a unique creative and innovative greatness. Inspiring accountable action and rapid and resilient adaption to change. Reducing turn over, absenteeism, mental health claims and improving wellness, communication, engagement, and profitability at all levels.

Most importantly we create cultures where organisational transformation is fuelled by high performance productivity and play.

“Kyla and her team are the most enthusiastic and passionate facilitators and event creators I have seen. Every session provided us with sensible and practical tools for stress management and showed us ways in which they could relate these at work and within our personal lives. After the event I received very positive feedback from everyone over dinner so thank you. I can see already that everyone is implementing at least one change as a result. All their words of wisdom have added so much value…and by all accounts changes are happening.”

Celene D, Head of HR, Aussie Home Loans

“With the Optus conference. We wanted to energise the crowd and change their mindset for the afternoon sessions. Tommy, with his boundless energy and optimism, illuminated the room. Within moments we had 400 co-workers laughing, smiling and of course dancing. If you want to challenge the status quo and open minds. Tommy is a key ingredient.”
Ben Cooper, Managing Director. Tricky Jigsaw. Winner. AFR most Innovative Company 2017



“Absolutely marvellous guys. I have never received so much amazing feedback from all sides. Phenomenal!”

Lyndall Jenkins. Investec Bank

“Kyla is a great content creator and facilitator. Our sessions provided useful tools for our team that are unique, relevant and simple to implement. What a way to kickstart a focus on yourself, great, great sessions, clear and enthusiastic. Thank you.”

HR, Walt Disney Australia

“We believe in everyones ability to self lead, from a unique creative spark of greatness. When teams and leaders are living from this place of greatness … well this is the “magical transformational cultural sweet spot.” Within this sweet spot each person is believing in who they are, loving what they do, and taking 100% accountability for who they are being and how they show up and communicate. Igniting a natural innate desire to create, innovate, celebrate, engage, and empower each other to step up, stand up and make a difference in the business and the world. Here anything and everything is possible.”

Kyla Tustin, Creator of Greatness, The Greate Group