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Helping You + Your Team Create A Sustainable Culture of Wellness from the Inside, Out

Unlocking Your Teams Wellness Change

The purpose of the Wellbeing Change Champion is to champion role the cause of wellness. Working with your leaders and Kyla, your Wellness consultant and coach to help implement and support the 2021 Stronger Together Wellness Strategy.

Our aim is to lead by example, educate teams on wellbeing initiatives and themes; and raise awareness of wellbeing activities, as we promote healthy lifestyles, a sustainable culture of wellness @ work and home and positive mental health.

One of the most empowering ways to show leadership at work, even if managing employees isn’t part of your role, is to become a workplace wellbeing champion. It provides opportunities for you to make a tangible difference to your personal wellness commitments and workplace culture – research indicates it’s an important strategy to help encourage fellow employees to participate in wellness activities and services.

A small case study from Johns Hopkins University in the US suggests that, even in very challenging work environments, positive role models can help promote healthier habits by example. Being a workplace wellbeing champion also gives you an opportunity to share a personal passion for health, help influence decision-making on things you feel strongly about, and even step up your profile in the organisation.




  • Coach colleagues to make healthier choices, drawing on your own experiences. For example, you might lead a particular activity, like a monthly salad club, mindful moments, book club or a lunchtime walking group.
  • Encourage decision-makers and LT to focus on the the importance of allocating time for wellness initiatives
  • Generate ideas on activities and events, and ways to promote them
  • Collate information on colleagues’ health and wellbeing interests and success stories, profiling colleagues who demonstrate wellbeing in action, or to support those who are achieving something significant away from work, such as training for a marathon or doing volunteer work.
  • Motivate your colleagues to join in with planned themes and wellbeing initiatives.
  • Make sure health and wellbeing resources are available to your colleagues – put up posters – and publicise them in common areas where they’re likely to be seen.
  • Regularly share communication material about wellness initiatives