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“Since working with Kyla I have successfully launched two online programs – something I have been procrastinating over for the longest time. As a mama of two kids, a 3rd on the way, a husband who works away a lot and a business of my own to run – what Kyla and I have managed to pull off together in the past few months has been nothing short of miraculous. Her ability to guide me into myself, to connect me with the insight and energy I need to make the best choices to move my business forward has been beyond exceptional and exactly what I needed. She is incredibly intuitive, with a beautiful balance of practical skills and business application. I could not have created the magic I have with Mama Goddess without her support, skill, talent and guidance. I will continue to work with her in the future to enable me to take my business to the next level each and every time. She is a pure gift to this world and I am so grateful to have found her!”

Kimberley Newing, Owner, Mama Goddess

The refreshing clarity that came to me from working with Kyla was a sensational experience. I started to take time and feel genuine joy and happiness. All the old negative throughs of people or experiences I was carrying around have dissolved away and I feel a complete sense of freedom. There are not many people you are were born to to what they do, by Kyla was!”

Kylie Dugan, Client Trainer



“Kyla is a great facilitator and provides useful tools that are simple to implement. What a way to kickstart a focus on yourself, great, great session, clear and enthusiastic. Thank you.”

Walt Disney Australia


“We believe in everyones ability to self lead, from our greatness. We believe that when we are living from this place of greatness, believing in who we are, loving what we do, and taking 100% accountability for who we are being and how we show up along the way. Well this is the “magical leadership sweet spot” …. from here there is a natural innate desire which inspires and empowers us to step up, stand up and make a difference in the world.”
Kyla Tustin, Creator of Greatness, The Greate Group


“The Greate Group provided our department with an inspirational workshop on health and wellbeing in the workplace. Their tips on meditation, combating stress and changing negative thought patterns were practical and easily applied to any situation or role. We especially enjoyed the meditation with chocolate!”

Neal, M, Director, Blackmores Institute

“Kyla has such a special gift that she shares so selflessly to teach the rest of us how amazing life can be. She is a wonderful example for us to “feel the fear and do it anyway.”

Sarah, Principal & Teacher