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supporting the show must go on to shine a spotlight on mental well being in the entertainment industry & cultural wellness solutions.


creating cultures of wellness since 2010


Stress has been named the no.1 cause of preventable disease.


Loneliness is predicted to become our next major global health epidemic.


As stress, social isolation, and burnout continue to increase, we need to choose new ways to elevate wellness within the entertainment industry and support crew to connect on purpose. This means igniting each individual’s unique creative potential and empowering individuals with the support and skills to drive sustainable wellness behaviour change from the inside, out.


our team are excited to be a part of The Show Must Go On .. wellness panel at this years Screen Forever. Our tailor designed programs, workshops, coaching and leadership training, encourage personal accountability and create ‘WELLNESS CULTURES’ on set.


Together, let’s future-proof the most valuable assets we have; our people, our culture, and our wellbeing.


the film

The Show Must Go On follows former Home & Away actor and filmmaker Ben Steel on a soul searching investigation into why are there so many arts and entertainment workers developing and struggling with anxiety, depression and substance abuse and for the first time opening up a much-needed public conversation about their mental health and wellbeing.

the issue

While ‘show business’ is often seen as glamorous, fun, exciting, and well paid, the reality paints a darker picture. In the entertainment industry, anxiety symptoms are 10 times higher, sleep disorders are 7 times higher and symptoms of depression are 5 times higher than the national average. Suicide attempts in the industry are double the national average.

our solution

we deliver interactive cultural wellness experiences, igniting engagement, peak creative performance + connection on set with all of your crew.

Our tailor designed wellness programs draw from over 10 years of experience in facilitating immersive wellness solutions from beginning to end..

Each unique experience is curated with playfully authentic wellness connection & open mental health discussion at its core to create a more innovative, engaged, and happy purpose-driven workforce & crew.

our create your great on set crew

we not only LOVE what we do in the world of wellness  … our Film + TV industry specific troop live, lead, breathe & embody the life of CREATIVES to design optimum health, performance, CONNECTION & creativity solutions.

Starting her corporate career in radio & eventually moving into the high performance, though burnout & bullying culture, of investment banking. It was during this time Kyla lost a close friend to suicide & decided to be a part of the mental wellness solution in our world. 

She has now spent the last decade curating & facilitating her Elevate Your Resilience programs, while aligning & partnering with an expert troop. She has trained & coached thousands of creatives, corporate leaders, youth & new coaches & facilitators to create their greatest career & life, by looking after their wellness, on purpose.  She is a member for Sydney’s Northern Beaches Suicide Prevention committee and consults communities to design cultures of wellness.


Chloe has worked in the entertainment industry in excess of 10 years alongside award-winning directors and actors in Australia and Internationally. Through this work she has developed ways to unlock and empower individuals to reach their creative, personal wellness and leadership potential on set & in preparing for shows.

Her ability to successfully fuse creativity & wellness ensure the show must go on. 

Coach Adam Cobb has spent the last decade working with elite NBA athletes & actors on set to create the optimum culture of wellness is sustained through his move well, eat well, think well, & sleep well principles.

Most recently he was on set with Dane DeHaan and Cara Delevingne in Paris, and regularly travels the globe training other high performance creatives when not in his NYC gym, prepping clients like Austin Butler, Anna Sophia-Robb & Vanessa Hudgens for set.

From Kid’s Show Presenter, to actress and now Producer with MidWinter Films Gemma has spent time on both sides of the camera & is our go to program curator & director for on & off set mindset & wellness solutions.

Her ability to inspire, motivate & empower the next generation of talent keeps us on our toes & ahead of the wellness curve for all things optimum performance. 

meet a few more of our troop

happy clients = a happier world

Kyla and her crew are great content creators and facilitators. Our wellness sessions provided useful tools for our team that are unique, relevant and simple to implement. What a way to kick start a focus on yourself, great, great, great sessions, clear and enthusiastic. Thank you.

Head of HR, Walt Disney Australia

With the Optus conference, we wanted to energise the crowd and change their mindset. Tommy’s dance workshop, with his boundless energy and optimism, illuminated the room. Within moments we had 400 co-workers laughing, smiling and of course dancing. If you want to challenge the status quo and open minds, Tommy is a key ingredient.

Managing Director, Tricky Jigsaw

what is the key to health + happiness?

If you answered fame and money, you’re not alone. According to Harvard Medical School Professor and Psychiatrist Dr Robert Waldinger, Director of the longest study on adult life and happiness, you’re mistaken. Unprecedented longitudinal data on true happiness and satisfaction now unequivocally proves that CONNECTION IS THE KEY.




Every month discover new ways to become a part of our movement to create our greatest within a happier, healthier & more authentically connected cultures, & world.